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Finding a great job is hard, but it can be even harder as an underrepresented group. We want to give you access to a diverse community, resources, and tools to help align your passion with a purpose.

You are the change we want to see in the world

Companies need your diverse experience to help them become a thriving organization. Our mission is to help you get the resources, access and network to connect the dots to an amazing job.

How We Can Help You Find Career Love

Get access to all the FREE tools, resources, & community to help you find a career that you’ll love.

Career Mentorship

Opportunity to talk one-on-one with a career mentor who can give you personalized strategies and actions to find a job that fulfills your purpose.

Soft Skills Training

Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, these are some of the most sought-after skills by today’s companies. Level up on these core principles.

Community & Network

We bring together a diverse group of mentors and community partners and give you access to the network. Join us in AMA’s, open discussions and more.

Actionable Learning

Learn by doing. We’ll give you hands-on activities that encourage you thinking deeper and broader. Plus resources and tactics to enhance your job search.

Job Placement

Be introduced to job opportunities and company profiles from hiring tech companies who care about building a diverse and inclusive team.

Personalized Profile

Create a meaningful profile to share with hiring companies. A story of you, one that highlights your passions, goals and unique experiences. Not just your skills.

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