In the News: Diversely featured in Venturebeat.
We’re humbled and excited to be featured in Venturebeat with an article focused on using technology to help close the diversity gap in tech. 
An excerpt & quote from the article: 

“Diversely cofounder Carlo Navarro also understands the need to build more bridges between diverse communities and corporations, especially tech companies. The career development platform helps candidates from diverse backgrounds get the training and network needed to connect with hiring technology companies. For example, Diversely provides soft skills training programs for its members, connects them with a mentor who can talk one-on-one with them, and shares their profiles with hiring companies.


“We can have all the tools to remove bias, help in the hiring process, and more, but we should use technology as a bridge to build relationships and trust with diverse communities,” said Navarro.


Navarro believes the first step for tech companies is to think differently about diversity and inclusion altogether.


“What needs to change is the mindset of tech companies to make D&I part of their DNA. D&I initiatives are not a separate bucket but part of holistic recruitment and retention. For example, if your employee referrals are coming from a non-diverse group of people, the candidates they will refer will be effectively the same.


Companies should seek to build relationships with diverse communities and specifically seek diverse mentors in those communities to lean on for personal referrals.”


-Article written by Alida Miranda-Wolf, Founder & CEO, Ethos